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New Tail lift delivery charges - HSE lead project for improved safety

Freight Movement as part of UPN pallet network has seen an increase in the number of deliveries required to be undertaken using a pump truck, mainly due to the rise in home deliveries. This has been a topic that has been under the scope of the Health and Safety Executive for many years and recently their advice has influenced hauliers and pallet networks to implement thorough safety processes and invest in equipment to satisfy the needs of the delivery point and assist the driver whilst maintaining safety at all times.

With this has come the need to purchase Electric pump trucks that have been identified as the best solution for tail lift deliveries as suggested by HSE, this has come at a cost to hauliers within the networks and the network have via the APN (Association of Pallet Networks) championed this project and all network have added a Tail lift charge for any delivery that requires such a delivery method, UPN and Freight Movement have decided that this charge will be £2.50per pallet and this has been live since 1st April 2022.