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Monday 18th October 2021 - As you will see the price of diesel has continued to raise and this week stands at cost to FM of £19.36 + VAT - this is the highest I can remember and I personally believe it is down to the following:

UK Government are happy to see prices at this level as the revenues from TAX on fuel will add billions to their revenue at a time when they need to after Covid and furlong spending.

Fuel Suppliers will need to add to revenue to keep hold of drivers - so wages will rise to safe guard drivers to positions and then supplies will get to the market place, don’t forget the driver shortage is being added to by the huge demand of online purchases that need more HGV vehicles on a daily basis to move those purchases to a local distribution point for it to arrive next day at your door step by van.... what was wrong with the 'GOOD OLD HIGH STREET....!!

Fuel suppliers have had a disastrous last 2 years and still have less product being sold due to the global reduction for the demand on flying abroad which has greatly cut revenues from plane fuel.

Apologies that we have to keep increasing our surcharges but we have no other alternative at this present time.