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Update to Industry Issues July 2021

It has been well documented that the Transport sector has a shortage of drivers and that the situation will not get any better at any time soon, Freight Movement are like all other transport companies and we have seen our pool of drivers become less and less since Covid restriction have been relaxed.

We have also had to deal with increases in the wages we pay, increases in vehicles costs due to various new legislation, raw material cost increases for new vehicles, trailers, tyres and many more of our day to day materials, Insurance premium have risen and this has been influenced by a shorten market and options on companies willing to cover the transport market, plus fuel has risen through the month of July by some 4 pence per litre - the industry is now at a juncture where increases in the above detailed costs will now have to be passed through the rates we are advertising to our customers - this is always an awkward subject but the reality is that transport is a vital mechanism and is relied upon by so many of us and transport companies aren’t able to shoulder these increases and rates will be increased to cover the extra costs.

As a business we will continue to monitor all our costs and look to communicate with all customers to give reasonable time to advise of any cost alterations - but we will have to implement such adjustments as and when the cost to provide our services increase or decrease.